Copeland Rebuilt Allison Transmissions for Oilfield Equipment

Rebuilt Allison transmissions will add significant value to your oilfield equipment. Shifting with your vehicle in rugged oil field conditions is easier to accomplish with fully automatic transmissions. Genuine Allison transmissions are designed to last a lifetime when properly maintained.

Are you considering a rebuilt #AllisonTransmission for your oilfield equipment? Make sure you read this article first!

While rebuilt Allison transmissions and Allison parts are reliable in your oilfield equipment, if you don’t follow your manual and warranty exactly, it could result in a premature transmission failure. This is essential for protecting your transmission and your safety while operating oilfield equipment.

Prepare Your Equipment

Before installation, it’s essential to properly prepare your equipment. It’s necessary to thoroughly clean and inspect your equipment. Remove debris or replace the transmission filter, the transmission to filter and filter to transmission hoses. Check the cooler core and ensure it’s cleaned and ready for a rebuilt transmission.

Pro Tip: Before installing a rebuilt Allison transmission in your oilfield equipment, read every word of your warranty to find any other components that need to be cleaned or replaced.

Ask Questions

Never assume you know everything about your new transmission. No matter your skill level, there’s probably still something you can learn or a problem you can’t properly fix. Your supplier of rebuilt Allison transmissions should be able to answer any questions you may have.

Follow Safety Guidelines

New equipment won’t be very useful unless you learn and follow all safety guidelines and operating instructions that come with that new equipment. Read over any information given to you and do your own research if you have more questions. Handle the equipment responsibly and train your employees to do the same. If you listen to the experts’ input on safely handling your new Allison transmission, you shouldn’t have to worry about accidental breakdowns or malfunctions.

Revamping Your Machines

A rebuilt Allison transmission can make a big difference to the performance of your oilfield equipment. When you find a reliable Allison transmission supplier, see if they have the aftermarket parts and transmissions to help restore your equipment and extend its life expectancy.

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