Copeland Allison Transmission Parts

We provide new OEM parts, as well as high quality rebuilt and used replacement parts for your Allison Transmissions. Whether you have a current or out of production Allison model, we have the parts you need. With most major parts in stock and others available for immediate drop ship, you’ll never be kept waiting. As a one-stop-shop for Allison Transmissions and parts – we also provide full service and support for both new and rebuilt models. Your satisfaction is our priority, so if you have any questions or comments please Contact Us.

Allison Transmission Parts, New and USA Made Aftermarket, Copeland International
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Obsolete Allison Transmissions

Do you have an aftermarket Allison transmission in need of repairs or service? We have a variety of parts for many obsolete models. If we don’t have your part in stock we can find it for you. Contact Us for more information.

  • CRT3331       
  • CRT3531
  • TT2000
  • CL(B)T4460
  • CLT6061
  • CLBT6061
  • CLT5860
  • CLBT5860
  • CLT5960
  • CLBT5960
  • CLT6062
  • CLBT6062
  • CLBT6063
  • CLT6063

Current Allison Transmissions

We stock a huge selection of parts for your current model transmission. If you have questions about repairing or customizing your Allison transmission, our service department is here to help.

  • M5610
  • M5600
  • S5600
  • S5610
  • M5610H
  • S5610H
  • S6610H
  • S6620H
  • 6610
  • S6600
  • M6600
  • HT750
  • CLT750
  • CLBT750
  • M6610
  • CLT754
  • CLBT754
  • CLT755
  • CLBT755
  • M8610
  • S8610
  • M9810
  • M5620
  • M6620