3 Questions to Ask When Considering Copeland Rebuilt Transmissions for Your Oilfield Services Equipment

Rebuilt Allison transmissions can significantly improve operations for your oilfield equipment. The automatic transmissions make operating oilfield equipment easier and more efficient, regardless of the application. Furthermore, regularly replacing or upgrading parts of your oilfield equipment will decrease downtime while keeping your business running smoothly.

Don’t forget to ask your transmission provider these questions before investing in rebuilt transmissions! Your oilfield equipment will thank you.

What Should You Ask Before Buying?

A rebuilt automatic Allison transmission can be a cost-effective component for your oilfield machinery. But don’t make your decision without careful consideration before installation. Consider all the involved factors and ask yourself (and the seller) a few key questions:

  1. Can the rest of your oilfield equipment handle the new transmission?
  2. What does the warranty cover?
  3. Can you return or replace the transmission?

1) Can the rest of your oilfield equipment handle the new transmission?

Depending on your machine age and quality, installing a rebuilt Allison transmission could result in premature failure. Make sure the engine, torque converter, and other components are up to the task of handling a newly rebuilt, high-power transmission.

2) What does the warranty cover?

You should always read the fine print before signing anything, and a warranty is no exception. Read the entire warranty and ask questions about anything that doesn’t seem clear or correct. Make sure you know exactly what repairs or problems are covered, and which will have to come out of your own pocket.

Pro Tip: When replacing your transmission in your oilfield equipment, make sure that you follow installation directions precisely for your rebuilt Allison transmission.

3) Can you return or replace the transmission?

If you end up with the wrong transmission or it simply isn’t compatible, what will you do with it? Many transmission suppliers offer return and repair programs. Make sure you understand the return policy entirely.


Oilfield equipment withstands some of the most rugged conditions. You need a transmission that will be reliable and trustworthy for these heavy-duty applications.

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