Improve Your Fuel Economy for Your Haul Trucks

America depends on haul trucks to move products, freight, and more from place to place and keep the economy going. While this job may seem straightforward, any truck driver knows there’s plenty to consider both on and off the job to make the work go faster. One of the biggest issues with driving a huge truck is its fuel consumption–after all, a massive vehicle isn’t always the most fuel-efficient vehicle. How can you as a truck driver improve your fuel economy and spend less on gas?

Improving your fuel economy depends on several factors and actions on your part. Fortunately, these actions will easily fit into your busy schedule. Take the time to make sure you’re getting the most mileage out of your fuel that you can.

Is your haul truck getting the most work out of its fuel? Here’s how to make sure you use gasoline as efficiently as possible. #CopelandInternational

Use the Right Transmission

As a 2017 study shows, Allison transmissions have consistently provided better fuel mileage and a decent amount of savings to drivers who use them. Have you made the switch to Allison transmissions yet? If not, considering taking this first significant step toward reducing fuel consumption and increasing your gas mileage.

Form New Driving Habits

Safe driving habits are as effective for conserving fuel as they are for keeping you safe on the road. For instance, consider the posted speed limits. They’ve been calculated both for safety and for the best possible fuel economy your vehicle can handle on that road. Sticking as close to the speed limit as you reasonably can will save you a decent amount of fuel.

Additionally, don’t get in the habit of hauling around unnecessary things. Forgetting to throw away an empty soda can won’t affect your gas mileage, but if you keep forgetting to unload some particularly heavy cargo, the added weight will only strain your engine and cause it to consume more fuel. Make sure you’ve unloaded everything that could be weighing you down.

Pro Tip: How often do you check and perform preventive maintenance on your engine or transmission? Depending on your truck model, you should be doing this about once a month. 

Pay Attention to Your Tires

Well-made tires will contribute both to your safety and to more efficient driving, allowing for better usage of fuel. Consider high-quality all-terrain tires for haul trucks to provide a firm grip on the road. Additionally, keep an eye on the treads and replace the tires when they wear down too low. If your tires become too smooth, they won’t be able to grip the road as effectively, increasing your risk for an accident and causing your engine to work harder and consume even more fuel.

Improve Fuel Economy

It’s somewhat inevitable that your haul truck will not be as fuel-efficient as a compact car. However, making a few changes to your typical driving and maintenance routines will help reduce the amount of fuel your truck wastes. In turn, this will reduce your fuel expenses and allow you to travel farther without stopping. Give these new habits a try to start reaping the benefits of improved fuel economy!

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