Allison Transmissions Deliver Better Fuel Economy

For heavy-duty machinery or vehicles, few transmissions can deliver better results and longevity than the Allison transmission. As it turns out, they can actually offer another advantage: better fuel economy in haul trucks! 

A 2017 test of two identical trucks, one equipped with an Allison transmission and the other with an Eaton Procision transmission, showed a noticeable improvement in gas mileage in the truck with the Allison transmission. This indicates that in addition to being fantastic pieces of equipment in general, Allison transmissions have the potential to save you money on fuel for your vehicles! Let’s look at the details of this study for more information.

Allison transmissions have been shown to improve fuel economy in haul trucks. Check out the details of this study of an #AllisonTransmission vs an Eaton Procision!

Allison Transmissions Deliver Better Fuel Economy, Copeland International, Houston


The study used two haul trucks, identical except for color, to compare the two transmissions. Each truck was a 2017 class 7 4300 SBA 4×2 made overseas and outfitted with an Allison 2500-series transmission and an Eaton Procision DCT. Both trucks were driven for a total annual distance of 50,000 miles and refueled at a cost of $2.60/gallon during the test.

Both trucks also tested two different types of driving: the heavy-duty diesel truck (HDDT) cycle, a good example of driving used in industrial settings, and the urban dynamometer driving schedule (UDDS) cycle, more common in school bus routes or other types of highway driving. These two different settings represent the vast majority of cases where either type of transmission would be in use, making them ideal variables for the experiment.

The Results

The truck with the Allison transmission performed measurably better than the other vehicle, requiring 353 fewer gallons of fuel during the test and resulting in an annual savings of $918.47 on gasoline. Better yet, on a smaller scale, the Allison transmission demonstrated an average of 6.86 mpg compared to the Eaton Procision’s 6.53 mpg. While a mere 5% difference may not sound like much, the impact on the fuel cost is undeniable.

Pro Tip: An Allison transmission not only lasts a long time and provides efficient speed, but it can also save you 5% on your annual gas costs!

Why Was There Such a Difference?

The primary reason for such a measurable difference comes from the different makeup of the two transmissions tested. A fully automatic Allison transmission allows the vehicle to travel at a higher average speed and accelerate faster than a manual transmission, allowing for more efficient usage of fuel. A DCT transmission, on the other hand, can only attempt to copy the effects of an automatic transmission. This results in less than exemplary torque in the transmission and thus a lower performance overall.

Allison Transmissions Outperform the Competition

An Allison transmission is designed to give your work vehicles the perfect balance of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, safety, and speed. Why settle for less? Choose the automatic transmissions proven to be the best on the market!

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