Benefits of Allison Transmissions in Haul Trucks

Anyone familiar with heavy-duty trucks knows the importance of a quality transmission for safe, efficient highway driving. Many different brands and manufacturers compete to offer the best model for truckers, but which product actually does the job well? Is the Allison transmission really the best model on the market?

Why should you choose an #AllisonTransmission for your haul truck? Let’s look at the primary advantages. #CopelandInternational

Haul Trucks & Allison Transmissions

Plenty of trucking professionals prefer the automatic system of the Allison transmission, and studies have shown that the Allison model performs better than alternatives in multiple ways. There are also plenty of other reasons why using an Allison transmission in your haul truck makes the most sense:

  1. Increased gas mileage
  2. Smooth automatic controls
  3. Full guarantee & support
  4. No need for new parts

1) Increased Gas Mileage

As a 2017 study showed, a fully automatic Allison transmission far outperformed a competitor’s manual model. Over the year-long testing period, the truck equipped with an Allison transmission required 5% less fuel than the other and also reached an additional 0.33 miles per gallon. The difference may sound minimal. However, the annual fuel savings provided by the Allison transmission reached nearly $1000! There’s no question that an Allison transmission provides an excellent increase in gas mileage and a reduction in fuel costs.

2) Smooth Automatic Controls

Automatic transmissions communicate with the truck’s engine via computer integration. This helps provide smooth torque and an easy transition between gears that doesn’t require a brief loss of power to the engine. A smoother and largely automated transition means less work for the driver, which ultimately translates to a safer drive for both the driver and the cargo in the trailer.

Pro Tip: The smoothness of an Allison automatic transmission requires it to consume less fuel, resulting in the better fuel economy demonstrated by the 2017 study.

3) Full Guarantee & Support

Our line of Allison transmissions comes backed by our full guarantee and support services for any problems you may have. If your transmission needs repairs or replacement, just get in touch with us and we’ll get your trucks back in action. 

4) No Need for New Parts

The older a transmission model is, the harder it can be to find replacement parts when you need them. After all, multiple manufacturers have retired those models. Fortunately, we haven’t! We have plenty of transmission parts or entirely refurbished transmissions available to keep your trucks working without the need for a full replacement.

The Best Transmissions for Haul Trucks

As a truck driver, you handle massive vehicles and cargo loads on a near-daily basis. You depend on your engine and vehicle to be reliable and get you where you need to go. Do yourself a favor by using high-quality Allison transmissions for your haul truck. With the best equipment on the market, you’re sure to be cruising along steadily for a long time.

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