Why Choose Allison Transmissions for Your Oilfield Equipment

Every day operations can be intense in the oil and gas industry. You need equipment that can withstand the unpredictable climate. Allison fully automatic transmissions are built to last decades if properly maintained

As the world’s largest manufacturer of fully automatic transmissions for medium and heavy-duty oil field vehicles, Allison knows how to design a reliable transmission. While Allison Transmissions will last the test of time, they do need regular upkeep including the occasional replacement part. 

Have you considered using rebuilt #AllisonTransmissions in your oilfield equipment? Here’s why #OilAndGas companies around the globe are counting on them.

Undeniable Benefits for the Energy Industries 

It’s impossible to deny the advantages of Allison equipped oilfield equipment. The durability is probably the most attractive quality for professionals in the energy industry. The innovative torque converter technology and automatic power-shifts combined with the proven reliability make Allison Automatic Transmissions a superior choice. 

Repairable and Rebuildable 

If you have an older model that isn’t functioning anymore, Copeland International can help. We offer repair and rebuild services for most Allison Transmissions. With a few replacement parts and some fine-tuning, we will get your transmission back in working order in a timely manner. 

Pro Tip: Have an outdated Allison Transmission laying around? We have an efficient repair and return program. 

Adaptable Across Industries

From heavy-duty commercial vehicles to on-highway trucks, Allison transmissions are designed for a wide variety of machines. Enhance performance and increase project efficiency by upgrading your current transmissions or investing in a rebuilt model.  

High Performing Oilfield Equipment

Keep downtimes to a minimum and productivity levels up with properly maintained industrial machines. At Copeland International, we are committed to providing rebuilt transmissions at an affordable cost to leading natural gas companies in Texas and worldwide. Ready to make the switch to Allison? Send us a message to discuss any comments or questions with our transmission experts.