Why Choose Aftermarket Allison Parts for Your Haul Truck Transmission?

Aftermarket Allison transmission parts are few and far between. Many industrial equipment owners might think their transmissions are obsolete because the parts needed for repairs are almost impossible to find.  But, did you know that Copeland International offers state-of-the-art aftermarket parts for your Allison transmission?

If you have an old haul truck sitting around equipped with a rundown Allison transmission, you might think that there’s no use in trying to repair the transmission because the replacement parts don’t exist anymore. However, we’ve been supplying aftermarket Allison transmission parts for decades. If you don’t want to perform repairs yourself, you can also send it in for our repair and return programs.  Here are a few reasons to choose aftermarket Allison parts for your haul truck transmission.

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Lower Prices for Similar Quality

If two items are nearly identical, but one costs twice as much as the other, which would you buy? Most likely, you’d go for the less expensive option without sacrificing quality. Most aftermarket parts allow you to do the same thing. Independent manufacturers reverse-engineer the original manufacturers’ products to produce parts that work just as well as the originals, if not better. Producing aftermarket truck parts also costs less, meaning you ultimately save money on repairs.

Pro Tip: If a low price for aftermarket parts feels too good to be true, double-check the quality. Don’t let yourself be scammed.

Repair Older Models

An advantage of our aftermarket transmission parts is that they offer a solution for repairing older Allison transmission models. You can browse our transmission parts catalog to see if we currently have what you need. If you’re not seeing the parts you’re looking for, contact us to see if we can help!

More Options to Choose From

Original manufacturer parts aren’t always easy to find. Whether you have an older transmission model, or can’t afford the brand new parts, aftermarket transmission parts offer a feasible solution.  We offer high-quality aftermarket parts for a reasonable price and in a range of choices. You will no longer have to default to the manufacturer to fix your haul truck.

Are Aftermarket Parts Right for You?

If you need to save money while receiving high-quality Allison transmission parts, then aftermarket parts are perfect for you! We supply top-notch aftermarket parts and provide full service and support after purchase!

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