Types of Material Handling Equipment that Benefit from Rebuilt Transmissions

Material handling equipment must run at peak efficiency to handle the transportation, storage, and control of products and materials.  From industrial trucks to conveyor belts, earth augers and shovel loaders, this equipment must be able to move loads on time, every time. Used in any stage of the manufacturing, distribution, consumption, or disposal of materials, these types of equipment rely heavily on the right transmission for these bulk material handling operations.

When your transmission fails or is no longer operating efficiently, it’s time to consider your options. Rebuilt Allison transmissions are reliable, durable and manufactured to withstand the weight of transporting heavy loads.

5 Material Handling Equipment Applications for Rebuilt Allison Transmissions

There are many situations where heavy materials must be moved in a production setting. The benefits of material handling equipment include the ability for machine operators to quickly and efficiently move unit loads without using their physical strength. These 6 types of material handling equipment operate at peak performance with Copeland rebuilt Allison transmissions:

  1. Shovel Loaders
  2. Lift Trucks
  3. Railcar Movers
  4. Straddle Carriers
  5. Earth Augers

1) Shovel Loaders

Allison’s rebuilt automatic transmissions are built to withstand rugged conditions and constant forward and reverse shifting in material handling equipment such as shovel loaders.  Heavy-duty front end loaders move large materials with ease and need the support, strength, and durability of a trusted transmission.

2) Lift Trucks

When using lift trucks/forklifts to move materials around the warehouse floor or to carry your materials a short distance to load or unload goods- the equipment can benefit from the reliability and durability of a rebuilt Allison transmission to achieve three speeds in forward or reverse.

3) Railcar Movers

Railcar movers provide an alternative to hiring a switching locomotive. They can quickly and efficiently move thousands of pounds of freight in the most difficult conditions.

Pro Tip: Rebuilt Allison Transmissions provide reliability and durability for heavy-duty applications.

4) Straddle Carriers

Warehouse operations can improve efficiency with straddle carriers. This material handling equipment is designed to transfer shipping containers to and from a port. The innovative engineered systems allow warehouse operations to continue without the assistance of a transport company.

5) Earth Augers

Earth augers are built with super duty capabilities to persevere through the industrial digging wear and tear. Rebuilt Allison Transmissions provide reliability, durability, and ease-of-use for these applications.

Rebuilt Allison Transmissions for Industrial Equipment

Whether you work with material handling equipment or know someone who does, rebuilt Allison Transmissions will improve these tough processes.

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