Options if Your Transmission Has Failed

Transmissions are a key component to the functionality of industrial vehicles and machinery. So if yours failed, it can be a stressful situation. Are you spotting unusual fluid levels or leaking transmission fluid?  Your priority is to fix the transmission issues in a timely manner so that business can resume as usual.

Thankfully if your transmission is showing warning signs or has entirely stopped functioning properly, you have a few choices to get your machines operating again. 

Has your automatic transmission failed? Here are three options to get your industrial vehicles running smoothly again.

Repair and Return

If you purchased an Allison transmission, chances are you can send it into a team of engineers and technicians that will be able to efficiently repair transmission problems.

Pro Tip: Many reputable transmission dealers have repair and return programs to make transmission replacements easier.  


Another option is to exchange your transmission. Many dealers have convenient exchange programs. The rates on these vary, but you could receive a discount on a new transmission by sending in the damaged one for an exchange.

Buy a New or Rebuilt Transmission

Lastly, you could always invest in a brand new or rebuilt Allison transmission. If you’re shopping online to replace the transmission, you’ll want to make sure the business is reputable by browsing reviews and reading their “About” page. Furthermore, you’ll want to read the fine print to understand the warranties and know if they will offer free or reduced cost repairs in the future.

Don’t Fret

Transmission repairs can cause a lot of anxiety for you. Especially since a broken transmission can result in the loss of business.

Has your transmission failed? Join the conversation to discuss your repair or replace options with our team.