Copeland Rebuilt Allison Transmissions for Heavy Equipment Transporters

For anyone in the oil or construction industries, a malfunctioning heavy equipment transporter can mean disaster as they can’t keep up with work. Luckily, a busted transmission can easily be replaced with a cost-effective, long-lasting option: a rebuilt Allison transmission specifically designed to handle the demands of heavy equipment.

Built from repurposed parts, a remanufactured Allison transmission can boost your heavy equipment’s strength and endurance levels. Not only will this provide a reliable machine, but it will also ensure your workplace stays safe. Let’s look at a few other ways a remanufactured transmission can benefit your machinery.

How can a remanufactured Allison transmission help your heavy equipment? See what you stand to gain from switching to Allison!

Prevent Problems Before They Happen

Preventive maintenance goes a long way in keeping equipment running properly and safely. Don’t wait for your transmission to die in the middle of a busy workday. At the first sign of trouble, check the transmission you already have and see if a rebuilt Allison might be a better choice.

Pro Tip:  With a rebuilt Allison Transmission, you’ll only have to wait on a quick replacement instead of a long, costly repair.

Save Money

Repurposed parts will nearly always cost less than brand new. And don’t worry about sacrificing quality–rebuilt Allison transmissions are held to the highest standards in the industry. Your new transmission will run as smoothly as one straight from the manufacturer. Why pay extra for a nearly identical product?

Extensive Warranty

Even the best machinery and equipment will occasionally need repairs and regular maintenance. With a remanufactured Allison transmission, your warranty will cover most work it may need. Just call your repair service when you need assistance.

Genuine Allison Parts for Your Equipment

Once you’ve made sure Allison transmissions are compatible with your machinery, it’s time to make the switch! Trade out your old parts for a transmission rebuilt with care. Save your business money and save yourself the headache of repeat maintenance with these versatile, long-lasting pieces of equipment!

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