Is it Better to Rebuild or Replace Your Transmission?

When it comes to material handling equipment and industrial equipment, it’s critical to stay on top of repairs and upgrades. You must perform routine maintenance on your equipment to ensure operations are efficient and safe. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already having transmission problems.

So your industrial transmission has failed, now what? It’s important to review your options before making any final decisions. 

Are you wondering if you should rebuild or replace your industrial transmission? Here are the benefits and differences between rebuilding and replacing.

Repair Options

Have you spoken with a mechanic about your repair options? Make sure you get your transmission inspected by a professional to understand the problem and weigh your options for repair. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to repair the transmission easily because the parts causing harm will probably already be deteriorating. If repairing the damage is more expensive than the transmission itself, then you should consider replacing or rebuilding your transmission.


An entire transmission replacement is the most expensive option. However, this may be necessary depending on the condition of your transmission. While replacing is a pricy choice, it ensures that your equipment will have modern technology and last longer.


A rebuilt transmission would be the best choice for the price and quality. A trusted transmission rebuilder will disassemble the transmission and rebuild it from the ground up, replacing any unrepairable parts.

Pro Tip: Opting for a rebuild will save your company money while allowing you to keep the same transmission that you’ve been relying on.

Rebuilt Allison Transmission

Whether you’ve had your transmission for 1 or 30 years, you can still get it rebuilt. A reputable transmission supplier will have the expertise and knowledge to ensure your transmission is tested and ready to go. Are you interested in learning more about rebuilt Allison transmissions? Join the conversation to speak with our team today.