Benefits of Allison Transmissions in Mining Equipment

Moving earth, rock, and minerals is no easy task and requires the toughest equipment. Over the past sixty years, Allison Transmissions have proven themselves to be durable and versatile in the intense mining industry. Transporting minerals and soil up and down steep terrains up to hundreds of times per day, your haul trucks and Terex scrapers need heavy-duty transmissions to get the job done. 

In the unpredictable mining industry, you need a transmission built to withstand the steep grades and slippery conditions. #AllisonTransmissions

Improved Mining Machine Performance

Allison fully automatic transmissions have been a top choice for mining, oil, marine wenching and other demanding industries for decades. The transmissions are built to operate smoothly under heavy loads and through difficult landscapes. Mining machines equipped with Allison Transmissions have undeniable advantages. 

  1. Powerful Technology for Efficiency
  2. Better Uptime for Your Crew
  3. Smooth Shifting

1) Powerful Technology for Efficiency

With a transmission that is engineered for intense mining conditions, Allison transmissions are made to hold increased tonnage per gallon of fuel. Dump trucks and other mining equipment built with Allison technologies have greater acceleration speeds. Since the transmissions are easier to operate and offer more power to the wheels, you’ll notice more loads being completed in a day. 

2) Better Uptime for Your Crew

Through slippery mud and loose gravel, mining sites aren’t easy to trudge through. The unpredictable, steep grades put excessive pressure on transmissions. With automatic Allison transmissions rebuilt for mining operations, downtime is uncommon. 

Pro Tip: If you have a legacy Allison transmission that needs to be repaired and refurbished, it’s worth considering to improve machine performance.

3) Smooth Shifting

The absence of a mechanical clutch makes shifting gears a breeze. The ingenious design of the torque converter means you won’t lose power with each shift. You can expect uninterrupted transitions between gears and have the ability to downshift on any grade. 

Built to Last Transmissions

When properly maintained and cared for, Allison transmissions are made to last a lifetime. In intense environments with daily use, you will likely need replacement parts from time to time. At Copeland International, we have the in-house capabilities to repair, rebuild, and return your Allison transmissions. Looking for a specific model? Connect with us to find the best fit!