Benefits of Allison Transmissions in On-Highway Vehicles

Highway driving, whether the vehicle in question is a bus or a haul truck, can be challenging even for experienced drivers. Combining a high rate of speed with a particularly large vehicle presents a unique set of risks. While defensive driving habits and training courses will certainly help, the driver’s safety depends on the vehicle itself as well.

Allison transmissions designed for highway driving are built to provide the perfect balance of safety, reliability, and ease of use possible. Switching to an Allison highway model transmission for your vehicle is one of the best choices you can make for your driving career. Let’s take a closer look at why.

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Which Models are Designed for Which Vehicles?

The best series of Allison transmissions for highway vehicles are as follows:

Features of Allison Transmissions for Highway Vehicles

Allison transmissions for highway vehicles are designed to provide a comfortable experience for both the driver and passengers, while also encouraging an excellent gas mileage and making driving an easy process. Paired with manufacturer-approved transmission fluid, these models can also go a long way between fluid refills and enjoy better durability. Best of all, a reliable warranty ensures you’ll never go without a functional transmission for your vehicle.

Pro Tip: Allison transmissions can lower your gas bills as well as your maintenance bills! Opting for the best equipment really does make a difference.

A Proven Track Record

Allison’s fully automatic transmissions have been hailed as excellent advances in driving technology, with the manufacturers invited to such high-profile engineering events as Eurosatory 2018 and Solutrans 2019. But perhaps the biggest vote of confidence comes from the customers. In 2018, the manufacturers of Allison transmissions celebrated the 2,000th installation of their product in a Korean light bus service. The high number of transmissions purchased by the Rainbow Tour bus service only reinforces what reliable, efficient machines they truly are.

An Excellent Choice for Highway Driving

With an excellent track record, remarkable safety ratings, and a model to suit any kind of vehicle, you can’t go wrong with an Allison transmission for highway driving. Talk to our team of experts today and let us help you find the right model you need.

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