The Best Allison Transmission Models for Your Industry

Many industries with heavy-duty equipment rely on equally durable transmissions and materials to keep their machines running. Allison transmissions certainly have a well-earned spot in these industries! However, different models of transmissions don’t always carry over well between different work applications or types of equipment. Make sure you know which type of transmission you need before you buy one.

Allison transmissions are applicable across multiple industries, but different machines and worksites call for different models. Learn the different models and their proper applications here.

Allison Transmission Industries

Finding the right Allison transmission for your industry requirements isn’t difficult. However, it does require some work and research. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the best transmission models for the following industries:

  1. Oil & gas
  2. Material handling
  3. Foundation drilling
  4. Mining & construction
  5. Marine winching
  6. Highway usage

1) Oil & Gas

These transmissions are designed for oilfield applications ranging from haul trucks to the oil service rigs themselves. Whatever your needs in the oil industry, these are the models you can rely on:

2) Material Handling

For material handling equipment transmissions, we use two product lines that are applicable to virtually any machine you need them for. Whether you need a transmission for an earth auger or railcar mover, these models have you covered:

Pro Tip: Our team of experts can help you determine the exact model of transmission your machinery needs.

3) Foundation Drilling

One of the most common transmission models for foundation drills was actually discontinued in 1978. Fortunately, Copeland manufacturers many of the parts this transmission used and offers rebuilt and refurbished models to keep your machines running. Our aftermarket transmissions for all your drilling needs include:

4) Mining & Construction

Heavy-duty equipment like haul trucks and Terex scrapers consume massive amounts of fuel on the job. Fortunately, an Allison transmission is built to reduce fuel consumption and prolong your machines’ lives! Here are the transmissions your construction equipment will most likely use:

5) Marine Winching

Marine winching transmissions are designed to allow three speeds in forward and reverse, enhancing your winches’ capabilities as they work. These versatile and strong transmissions come in several different models:

6) Highway Usage

Truck drivers, school bus drivers, and anyone who regularly drives a heavy vehicle will understand the importance of a quality transmission for safe and efficient highway driving. Allison transmissions designed for these vehicles allow for smooth braking and easy maneuvering, making the drive a safe and enjoyable experience. Here are the models you’ll most likely be using:

Finding the Perfect Transmission

Allison transmissions are known for their durability and reliability in any application. They’re backed by a trustworthy guarantee of repairs or refunds when necessary. As long as you make sure you’ve found the correct Allison transmission model for your industry, you can feel confident in your decision.

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