Oilfield Maintenance: Avoid Accidents & Downtime

As technology continues to advance in the oil industry, new challenges are continuously presented. It’s essential to ensure that oilfield technology remains productive throughout the years by continuously performing preventive maintenance. 

Downtime results in a loss of production and money, but corners can’t be cut to get work done faster. Your crew must be mindful about the safety concerns in the oil and gas industry. Your team must have critical safety measures in place while keeping your equipment properly maintained. 

Is your oilfield safe? Here are a few tips to keep your equipment maintained and accident-free.

The 3 P’s

The 3 P’s are key to maintaining a safe oilfield: Predictive, preventive, and proactive. 

Predictive: To predict how your equipment will perform, it’s essential to test the machines on a regular basis. This will give you the insight to determine which parts will need additional attention. 

Preventive: Next, you want to perform preventive maintenance to prevent issues from occurring before they happen. This includes regularly scheduled tests and cleanings, changing older parts, etc. to keep your equipment running smoothly. 

Proactive: Remain positive and proactive rather than reactive. Instead of reacting to an accident after it has already happened, when you perform predictive and preventive maintenance, you are remaining proactive to prevent accidents from happening. 

Pro Tip: Follow the 3 P’s to keep your oilfield safe. That is Predictive, preventive, and proactive maintenance.

Educate Workers on Potential Hazards

When your workers are educated about the seriousness of oilfield dangers, you’re less likely to experience accidents. Utilize effective bright safety signs to point out hazards while directing your employees on how to react in an emergency situation. Stay in touch with your team and discuss the importance of following safety guidelines exactly. 

Keep Your Equipment Maintained

Check all parts of your equipment to make sure it’s operating properly. From the motors and transmissions to the brakes and steering, each component needs to be checked on a regular basis to prevent accidents and downtime.

Production and Profit

You probably know that increased production results in higher profits. Follow these tips to keep downtime to a minimum and protect your employees. Interested in learning more about oilfield safety? Connect with our oil and gas experts to learn more safety tips.