Keep Your Oilfield Maintained to Extend Production

You most likely know the importance of keeping your machines running smoothly. Malfunctions or even dirt and debris can set projects back by weeks. Oilfield equipment requires special care to keep their moving parts in good working condition.

Without regular maintenance of your oilfield equipment, you could be faced with costly damages. Seemingly small issues can turn into catastrophes if you don’t keep up with regular maintenance. And as you probably know, when equipment is down, that means more downtime for you and a loss of production and that’s not good for business.

Do you take excellent care of your oilfield equipment? Here’s why it’s so important to keep your machines in pristine condition.

Focus on Problem Areas

If a particular part or machine has given you trouble in the past, keep an eye on it. There could be an underlying issue that you’re unaware of. Test the components regularly and record any changes in their performance. At the first sign of a problem, perform detailed maintenance or, if necessary, replace the part altogether.

Pro Tip:  Remember, when replacing your transmission with a rebuilt Allison transmission, you want to follow the installation directions exactly to avoid a premature failure.

Preventive Maintenance

One way to avoid problems with your machines is to make them less likely to happen through preventive care. The same way you prevent engine trouble by replacing the oil in your car, prevent trouble with your oilfield machinery by performing regular maintenance work. If you do your best to keep the machine running smoothly, you decrease the likelihood of something going wrong.

Reactive Repairs

If you come into work one morning and see that your machines were leaking while you were gone, cleaning up the mess and buying new parts constitutes reactive repairs–that is, responding directly to a particular problem. Much of a company’s repair time and resources are spent on reactive repairs.

Thankfully, through preventive maintenance and vigilance, you can dramatically cut down the amount of reactive work your company requires. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore preparation necessary for reactive repairs. Prepare for the unexpected and be ready to fix any unforeseen problems. A quick solution to a surprise problem will help your company get back to functioning properly.  

Keep Production High

Ultimately, your company’s output and profits depend largely on how well your machines run. Take good care of your equipment and prevent problems before they happen to ensure lengthy, high-quality output.

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