Avoid Downtime by Keeping Your Oilfield Equipment Maintained

It goes without saying that if your oilfield equipment malfunctions or shuts down, production at your oilfield comes to a standstill. Too much downtime can cost you valuable time and money. Worse, poorly maintained equipment can lead to severe safety hazards and potential workplace disasters.

Oilfield equipment maintenance may seem unnecessary and time-consuming, but don’t neglect it. Rather than waiting for immediate repairs to become necessary, reduce your losses and safety hazards through regular check-ups. You might just catch a disaster before it happens.

Your oilfield depends on properly functioning equipment and a safe environment! How does your oilfield measure up? Learn more about equipment maintenance here!

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive equipment maintenance will ensure your machinery continues to run smoothly while finding problems before they start. The exact maintenance your machines will need depends on their components and function, but a few key steps will stay the same. Before you turn your equipment on:

  • Do a quick walk-around of each machine. Tighten any loose bolts or components you find.
  • Check the lubricants and fluid levels and top off as needed.
  • Check hoses for corrosion, kinks, or other damage.
  • Check transmissions to make sure the machine can be activated safely. A rebuilt Allison transmission can always replace an old one if your equipment shows signs of malfunctioning.

Safety Measures

An oilfield by its nature is a very hazardous work environment. Thankfully, you can reduce the risk by performing basic safety checks on your own. On a regular basis, inspect your oilfield for these potential hazards

  • Frayed electrical cables
  • Missing or damaged fire extinguishers
  • Broken or loose hand grabs or stairs
  • Malfunctioning safety alert systems

Pro Tip: If disaster strikes on your oilfield, safety first! Get your employees and other equipment away from the problem to prevent injuries or additional damage.

Reactive Repairs

Reactive repairs, performing maintenance and work in response to an immediate problem, comprise the majority of repair work at most oilfields. Chances are, your oilfield won’t be any different. Unfortunately, you can’t always predict the necessary repairs or when they will happen. You can, however, make sure you’re ready for any circumstances. Here are a few ideas:

  • Keep your repair tools and equipment up-to-date and well-maintained.
  • Take note of any problematic machines and keep a close eye on them.
  • Replace aging or worn parts. Even if they’re working fine now, they could break without much warning.

Keep Your Oilfield Running

Don’t let your job site come to a standstill because of poorly maintained machinery or a safety hazard! Keep your oilfield equipment running at full performance and boost your productivity.

Looking for more ideas on keeping machines safe and functional? Connect with us to speak with our oilfield experts.