Maintaining Your Mining & Construction Equipment 

In the mining industry, equipment functionality is critical for better performance. Your trucks and machines must be properly maintained and operated. The overall productivity and machine life depend on it. 

It’s important to consider the time and cost to keep high standards in the workplace. Here’s your guide to conserving your mining equipment.

Each conveying system, vehicle, or tool needs routine maintenance to prevent losing thousands of dollars. From machine lubrication to regular maintenance schedules, and safety training; mining maintenance is an extensive yet critical process.  

Maintaining Your Mining & Construction Equipment Copeland Intl Infographic

Lubrication is Key

Mining machines need lubrication applied in the exact amounts to prevent damage, downtime and even workplace injuries. In order to extend the life of your equipment, ensure machinery is being inspected and lubricated on a regular basis. Although most modern machines have centralized lubrication systems, they still need to be checked for functionality frequently. 

Preventive Maintenance Schedules

It’s necessary to plan regular preventive maintenance ahead of time to keep operations running smoothly. You can avoid equipment shortages and loss of productivity by being prepared for equipment failures. Scheduling maintenance will reduce operating costs for the long term. Ensure each component is inspected on a regular basis including fluid levels, engines, transmissions, tires, and more. 

Pro Tip: For proper maintenance, keep a detailed checklist of each component that needs to be inspected.

Workplace Safety Training

Is each member of your team on the same page when it comes to operating equipment in the field? It’s important for the safety of your crew and vehicles that proper training is being enforced. From instruction manuals to bright signs and training simulations, workplace safety is essential in the demanding mining industry.


Your mining equipment plays an important role in everyday operations. Make sure your employees are safely operating machinery while keeping everything maintained. With lubrication systems, scheduled maintenance, and mining construction safety training, your business is set up for success.

Questions about keeping downtime to a minimum in the mining industry? Connect with our team of experienced equipment manufacturers.