Why Choose Allison Transmissions for Material Handling Equipment

Material handling operations are essential in modern businesses. As consumers demand quicker product fulfillment and deliveries, your warehouse needs to be as efficient as possible. Your railcar movers, lift trucks and other material handling equipment will benefit from the automatic Allison transmissions in a number of ways.

Heavy-duty material handling equipment requires an equally heavy-duty transmission! Read about the #AllisonTransmission advantage here. #CopelandInternational

How Rebuilt Allison Transmissions Improve Material Handling

The 3 or 4 element multiphase torque converter provides smooth transitions between gears. Rebuilt Allison Transmissions allows your equipment to reach three speeds in forward or reverse. Here is your guide to implementing automatic transmissions in your material handling equipment:

  1. Equipment & Transmission Type
  2. The Allison Advantage
  3. Safe Operations

1) Equipment & Transmission Type

Material handling encompasses several different types of equipment, each with its own requirements and specifications. The model of transmission you purchase will depend on your equipment and the work it will be performing. While certain transmissions are versatile and can work in almost any material handling equipment, others are more specialized for a particular type of machine. Take a look at our list of material handling transmissions for more insight on which one is best for you.

Pro Tip: Not sure which type of rebuilt Allison transmission your equipment needs? Get in touch with our team of experts to find the best model for you.

2) The Allison Advantage

Allison transmissions have been proven to be reliable, efficient, and durable equipment for a variety of heavy-duty vehicles or machinery. But as certain models retire, it can be difficult to find the parts you need to keep your transmissions in proper working order. That’s where Copeland comes in! We provide refurbished Allison transmissions of both current and retired models, and will repair or replace as necessary any transmission you buy from us. We can even provide Allison parts to replace a missing or broken piece of your existing transmission. Read more about the Allison advantage here.

3) Safe Operations

Every field of work contains hazards of some type. While employee error certainly contributes to many accidents, another common cause is faulty equipment. A machine that fails to run properly could delay your project at best and cause significant damage or injury at worst. You can reduce hazards in the material handling field by ensuring that your employees are properly trained in safety procedures and equipment usage, but don’t stop there. Providing safe, reliable equipment greatly reduces the risk of something going horribly wrong. With an Allison transmission in your material handling equipment, you can be sure that you’ll rarely have to deal with problems.


Heavy-duty material handling equipment requires an equally heavy-duty transmission to carry out a day’s work. Give yourself an advantage with reliable Allison transmissions for long-term functionality.

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