Benefits of Allison Transmissions in Material Handling Equipment

Globalization has created a higher demand for quick, reliable supply chains. Customers expect to receive their products almost immediately. If your competitors are using better automation tools and equipment, you might be losing key customers. 

Looking to upgrade your material handling equipment? Consider customized Allison Transmission for your specific applications.

It’s no secret that your material handling equipment is essential to efficient operations and increased productivity. When your machines are operating with unreliable parts, you could be facing unforeseen downtime. Rebuilt Allison Transmissions are versatile and can be used across a variety of industries. 


You can count on Allison Transmissions from Copeland International. We offer an innovative package– the CRT. It is made up of three or four-element multiphase torque converter, planetary gearing, and a manual hydraulic control valve to reach multiple speeds in forward and reverse. You need a transmission you can rely on for your material handling operations. 


Customized, rebuilt Allison Transmissions are designed to last a lifetime if properly maintained. Another benefit of working with Copeland, Int. is our repair and return program. 

Pro Tip: If for any reason your transmission needs parts or service, you can send it in for a reliable repair. 

Multiple Applications

You’ve probably heard of Allison being used in on-highway applications or offshore equipment. You can also count on the well-known transmissions for a variety of material handling applications. Our CRT3000 & CRT5000 transmissions can be used in shovel loaders, railcar movers, lift trucks, straddle carriers, rubber tire loaders, and earth augers.


With more pressure to meet the rising demand of the global industries, you need durable equipment built to last the test of time. We guarantee quality parts and equipment for your Allison Transmission across the toughest applications. Want to learn more about rebuilt Allison Transmissions from Copeland? Connect with us on Facebook for updates on your feed.