3 Questions to Ask When Considering Copeland Rebuilt Transmissions for Your Heavy Equipment Transporters

A rebuilt transmission can prove to be a cost-effective repair choice when your equipment transporter stops working. Many industries have benefited from taking advantage of reused Allison transmissions. However, make sure this is the right choice for you. Browse our variety of rebuilt Allison transmissions for heavy equipment transporters and other heavy-duty equipment. Trust us to provide what you need for your machinery.

Need a new transmission for an equipment hauler? See if your machinery could benefit from a rebuilt Allison transmission.

Is a Rebuilt Transmission Right for You?

For most heavy equipment, a rebuilt Allison transmission is a suitable choice. Your equipment is probably no exception. But you may want to double-check everything to make sure your machines are ready to operate smoothly with a rebuilt transmission. These three questions can help you decide:

  1. Can you return or exchange the transmission?
  2. Is a warranty available?
  3. Can your equipment handle the new addition?

1) Can You Return or Exchange the Transmission?

Like any mechanical repairs, the first transmission you try installing may not be the right one. Make sure you can return or exchange the transmission so you aren’t stuck with equipment incompatible with your own. Keep looking until you find the right one.

2) Is a Warranty Available?

By its nature, a rebuilt transmission will contain recycled parts. A good warranty can help you keep your transmission working and make sure you don’t have to halt work for too long.

Pro Tip: When purchasing an #AllisonTransmission, be sure to ask about your warranty’s coverage and read all the fine print so you aren’t taken by surprise later.

3) Can Your Equipment Handle the New Addition?

Finally, is this new transmission compatible with what you have? Sometimes a rebuilt Allison transmission might be too powerful or not powerful enough for your machines. See if the respective strengths and mechanical designs of the equipment can work effectively with each other.

Finding the Right Machinery

A rebuilt Allison transmission could be a cost-effective and simple solution to your faulty transmission problem. With some research and a few informative questions, you can find the right transmission for your equipment and get back to work.

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