The Simple Keys of Successful Foundation Drilling

Foundation drillers perform a variety of actions, such as anchored earth retention, pile construction, and drilled shaft foundations. The success of these tasks hinges on factors that may be outside of their control. That’s why it’s crucial to stay focused, organized, and keep lines of communication between various contractors open. A successful foundation drilling depends on the ability of contractors to communicate and manage their time.

Successful Foundation Drilling

A lot of factors determine the success of foundation drilling operations. Contractors must be vigilant of delays, change-orders, budget overages, disputes, and technical challenges to make sure that the job is completed safely and on-time.

Study The Site Investigation Report

The site investigation report provides a lot of valuable information, such as test borings and core borings. Study this report thoroughly, as it will tell you the size, type, and quantity of the piles that need to be constructed, as well as the composition of the rock layers. All this information is relevant and should be taken into account before drilling even gets started.

Follow the Rules and Regulations

The rules and regulations associated with foundation drilling vary by state and country. You are required to understand and abide by these rules. What’s perfectly legal and accepted in one state might be banned in another. Failure to follow the regulations of the area you’re working in could get you fined, or your worksite shut down. This applies both to guidelines set forth by local authorities, and safety guidelines enforced by the federal government.

Communicate Effectively

Having a good relationship with the people on your team, as well as the prime contractor and subcontractors working around you is critical to the success of your project. In order for that to happen, communication should be regular, professional and clear.

Manage Production

A lot of people are counting on your drilling to run smoothly and on time. All requirements should be planned for ahead of time, and on-site during drilling. Having to halt work to wait for a piece of equipment or material reflects poorly on the contractors.

Get The Job Done

Being prepared requires more than planning. It required having the right tools and equipment to get the job done right.

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