3 Questions to Ask When Considering Copeland Rebuilt Transmissions for Foundation Drilling

The CRT3000 series, one of the more popular transmission models for foundation drilling machines, was discontinued in 1978. This can make finding replacement parts or new transmissions for some heavy-duty foundation equipment hard to find. Fortunately, Copeland International continues to supply aftermarket parts and restored models of the original transmission. Is this long-respected transmission model the right one for your machinery?

Copeland may have the perfect transmission for your foundation drilling equipment. Let us supply you with everything you need for a successful drill!

Trustworthy Transmissions

Heavy-duty construction equipment needs equally durable transmissions to handle the workload. The CRT3000 series of Allison transmissions was and continues to be a fantastic choice for most foundation drilling machines, but make sure it’s the correct model to suit your needs. These questions will help you decide:

  1. Is it compatible with your machine?
  2. What does the warranty say?
  3. Can the transmission be returned or exchanged?

1) Is It Compatible with Your Machine?

If you make sure to get the correct model of transmission for your foundation drill, chances are high that the two will be perfectly compatible. However, it never hurts to double-check. Make sure your drill can handle a rebuilt transmission.

2) What Does the Warranty Say?

Your Allison transmission comes with a full warranty, but don’t assume you know everything the warranty will cover. Read all the fine print and ask about anything you don’t understand. Don’t put money down without knowing that damages or problems are covered.

Pro Tip: Be an informed buyer! Learn every detail about a transmission you’re thinking of buying.

3) Can the Transmission be Returned or Exchanged?

Maybe you accidentally bought the wrong model, or maybe the transmission broke down and needs a little work so you can get back to installing foundations. Whatever the case, ask about our return, repair, or exchange policy. A broken or faulty transmission will be repaired or replaced promptly so you can reduce downtime.

Optimizing Your Equipment

A foundation is the most crucial part of any building project, and your foundation drilling equipment needs to be up to the job. A rebuilt Allison transmission for your foundation drilling machinery could be just what you need to ensure a quality construction job.

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