Your Construction Project Schedule: Finish On Time and Under Budget

When you have a construction project underway, timely completion is crucial. With so many moving parts, one mistake in the schedule could cause a major setback. To avoid this, plan the various phases of construction, make sure you have all the materials ready and manpower is covered. Before you begin a new construction project, planning from start to finish is your first priority. With the advancement in construction methods, there are various types of machinery and materials that can help expedite your construction process. With the right tools and a detailed plan, you’ll be far more likely to stick to your construction project schedule.

Do you struggle to stick to your construction timeline? Follow these tips to finish on time and under budget.

Set Timelines

Setting timelines and tracking that progress helps everyone stick to the schedule. When you set a timeline for each task within your project, it provides clarity and motivation to the team. Regularly review the progress and call out particular teams or workers that are going above and beyond to get things done. Team members that are struggling to keep up should receive individual counseling and guidance. 

Use the Best Equipment

Everyone’s looking to save money, especially in construction, where a few dollars in savings per item can mean huge savings. That said, don’t skimp on quality. Invest in construction vehicles that have the capability to get the job done. Using high-quality materials and equipment will help ensure the longevity of your project, but will also help ensure the construction schedule carries on. 

Pro Tip: Skimping on quality might save you money up front, but could cost your construction project (and your reputation) big time in the end.

Have a Plan B

In construction, you should hope for the best but plan for the worst. Always have a Plan B in the event that things don’t go as smoothly as you’d planned for. Be flexible and careful not to marry yourself to an idea or plan that doesn’t work out. Be ready to abandon an effort that isn’t working and go another way in order to keep the timeline intact.

Utilize Technology

Construction projects move faster when everyone involved is communicating regularly. From workers to site supervisors, everyone should be easy to reach when necessary. Mobile communication technology, such as industrial smartphones, improve communication between all parties on the site and allow everyone to access documents and information that will move the project along much faster. In addition, drones and cameras can document progress in real time and pass information along with nothing more than an internet connection. Technology for the sake of technology can slow a project down. Embrace smart technology that streamlines your process.

Experts on Your Side

No one person is the expert on everything in construction. When setting timelines and making plans, get feedback from industry professionals in the various aspects of the project.

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