Benefits of Allison Transmissions in Oilfield Equipment

Oilfield machinery takes quite a beating every day, from the terrain vehicles have to navigate to the intense pressure the oil well itself produces. Only an equally durable piece of equipment can stand up to this and provide a safe, reliable user experience to oilfield employees. That’s where an Allison transmission comes in.

Allison transmissions have a well-earned reputation as durable, reliable additions to any oilfield machine. Their specialized design and materials allow them to integrate perfectly with any equipment and survive even extreme conditions. Here’s a closer look at how these excellent transmission models function in the oilfield.

An #AllisonTransmission is an excellent choice for demanding oilfield equipment. Learn the best applications for these transmission models here. #CopelandInternational

Proven Durability

Our transmission models are designed to withstand the extreme conditions present in an oilfield environment. Made of durable materials and tested extensively, our models can handle any challenge your oilfield presents. Learn more about our specialized designs and their practical applications here.


There’s more equipment in an oilfield than just pumps. Vehicles, equipment haulers, winches, augers, and more need quality transmissions to continue functioning correctly. That’s why we’ve designed multiple Allison transmission models not just for equipment that will be directly pumping oil, but for every piece of machinery your oilfield will possibly need. Find the model you need here.

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We proudly stand behind our products. If you experience any technical issues or if your transmission requires work, simply let us know and we’ll refurbish or, when necessary, replace your transmission. We’ll even travel to you to perform repairs when necessary! Get in touch with us for details.

Upgrade Your Oilfield Equipment

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