The Advantages of an Allison Transmission

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the amount of brand new, aftermarket, or refurbished transmissions available on the market for nearly any type of machinery. Each type boasts its own supposed advantages over others. What makes Allison transmissions any different?

For multiple different industries and applications, Allison transmissions truly stand out above their competition and offer advantages no other manufacturer can match. While that may seem like a common claim among manufacturers, Copeland International’s Allison transmissions can back up their claims with demonstrations and customer testimonials. Take a look at the Allison transmission’s advantages over the competition.

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Superior Performance

An Allison transmission’s automatic system creates a smooth driving experience and takes advantage of your engine’s excellent horsepower and torque, leading to more efficient usage of energy. This excellent system leads to faster driving and, consequently, a more productive workday for haul truck drivers. The proven performance and excellent improvements provided by Allison transmissions make them the superior choice for drivers.

Pro Tip: Allison transmissions provide the best performance, highest reliability, and most efficient energy usage on the market today. Switch and see the difference!

Reliable Equipment

Allison transmissions are built to last. These expertly crafted devices require only routine maintenance, saving your company time and money on rarely required extensive work. And with authorized dealers and experts on standby to help with any major issues that may arise, you’ll never have to wait long for a replacement when you need it. You can depend on Allison transmissions for excellent performance and reliability!

Improved Fuel Economy

As a result of their efficient energy usage, Allison transmissions have been demonstrated to provide excellent fuel mileage in both highway driving and construction settings. A 2017 study proved that over the course of a year, a haul truck equipped with an Allison transmission used 5% less gas than its comparison vehicle and saved the driver nearly $1000 in fuel costs. Not only will maintenance costs be next to nothing, but you’ll also notice a decrease in fuel expenses when you switch to Allison transmissions!

Benefits of Allison Transmissions

After decades of ongoing improvements and tests, it’s clear that Allison transmissions have proven themselves as reliable, exemplary pieces of equipment for all your vehicular needs. Whether you run an oilfield, a trucking business, or a construction firm, Allison transmissions have you covered with the best automatic performance on the market!

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