Why Choose Allison Transmissions for Your Haul Trucks

As many professional truck drivers will agree, Allison transmissions are an excellent choice for several different types of heavy-duty vehicles. Whether your career involves driving buses, handling haul trucks, or even managing oilfield machinery, using an Allison transmission in your machine will be one of the best choices you could make.

But why purchase Allison transmissions without a deeper understanding of why they’re so helpful and how you can keep them running for the foreseeable future? It always pays to understand the reasoning behind this decision. In this post, we’ll take a look at a few advantages of Allison transmissions for haul trucks and the kind of maintenance work they need.

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3 Advantages of Allison Transmissions

The reliable track record of Allison transmissions speaks for itself. Over the years, these transmission models have proven to have several tangible advantages over other types:

Keeping Your Transmissions Working

As with any piece of equipment, keeping your transmissions functional and reliable is up to you. Pay attention to how your vehicle runs and treat any problems as soon as you notice them. Inspect your truck at the beginning and end of each day–this could save you a headache later on if you catch a problem before it gets any worse.

Aside from simply repairing and maintaining your vehicle, pay attention to your driving habits. Are you a safe, knowledgeable driver? Take the time to remind yourself of how to safely handle your truck.

Pro Tip: Take care of your own health before you get on the road. Sleep-deprived driving can be as dangerous as driving drunk.

How to Handle Transmission Problems

Of course, even with all the maintenance and care in the world, nothing is perfect. You’ll encounter issues with your Allison transmission at some point. When you notice something going wrong (for instance, finding metal shavings in the transmission fluid), your best bet is to reach out for expert help. Our team will repair or replace your transmission as necessary. Unless you know for sure the issue is minor, don’t take the risk.

Make the Best Choice for Your Equipment

Ultimately, the best choice you can make for your haul trucks or other machinery is to equip them with the best parts possible. And when it comes to transmissions, few models can hold a candle to the fully automatic and guarantee-backed Allison transmission. Get in touch with our team of experts to find the right model for you today!

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