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Copeland Allison CRT3000 Series Transmission

Product Details

Allison CRT, Allison Transmission, Copeland International Inc, CRT3000, CRT3331,

Product Details

CRT3000 Models Serviced: CRT3331 CRT3531 CRT3331-1 CRT3531-1 CRT3331-3 CRT3531-3 CRT 3331 CRT 3531

Applications: Construction Equipment, Crane Carrier, Material Handling, Tugboat, Refuse Vehicle, Winch
Horsepower: [field_transmissions_hp_max]
RPM: [field_transmissions_rpm_max]
Gears Forward: [field_transmissions_gears_fwd]
Gears Reverse: [field_transmissions_gears_rev]
Gears Reverse Optional: (optional)
Gearing: Mechanical Gearing / [field_transmissions_gears_fwd] Gears Forward / [field_transmissions_gears_rev] Gears Reverse (optional)
Oil Quantity: [field_transmissions_oil_quantity]
Oil Type: C-4, 15W40 / C-4, 15W40
Mounting: SAE No. 3 Automatic Flywheel Housing with Flexplate Drive
Dry Weight [field_transmissions_dry_wt_max]
Torque Converter Ratio: TC-370, TC-360, TC-350, TC-320
Control System: Manual Hydraulic
Optional Engine Driven PTO: Side Mount PTO (Intermittent or Continuous)
Cooler System: Remote Mounted Cooler Element, Replaceable Element Cooler
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CRT3000 CRT3331 CRT3531 CRT3331-1 CRT3531-1 CRT3331-3 CRT3531-3 CRT 3531 CRT 3331 CRT 3331-1 CRT 3531-1 CRT 3331-3 CRT 3531-3 

Product Media

Allison Transmission Model CRT3531-3 and CRT3331-3 Dyno Run