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Rebuilt Allison Transmission M6610 M6620 H6610 H6620 M6600 Haul Trucks, Rock Trucks, Heavy Trucks, Rigid Trucks

Product Details

Allison M6600 M6610 M6620 H6610 H6620

Product Details

Allison M6600, M6610, M6620, H6610, H6620 Hauler Spec Transmissions Off-Road Series 

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Allison M6600, M6610, M6620, H6610, H6620 is a powerful transmission - sub models include - M6600A, M6600AR, M6610A, M6610AR, M6620A, M6620AR, H6610A, H6610AR, H6620A, H6620AR for hauling models, mining and heavy truck applications.

Applications Include: Haul Truck, Rock Truck, Rigid Frame Trucks, Belly Dump, Earth Augers, Trenchers and many other specialized off-highway applications. Specific manufacturers of these trucks are;

Terex, Euclid, Dresser, Wabco, Kress, Dart, Rimpull, GM Scotland, Sicard, Mack, Hitachi, Hitachi-Euclid, Haulpak, Power Plus, Rhino, CZCM, Nanjing Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Perlini, Sany, Sanyi, Payhauler, Autocar, Cline Truck, IHC, K.W. Dart, Oshkosh, Parsons, Peterbilt, Sicard, Fwd Wagner, Walter Truck


Multiple models and configurations are available for this application and market. Controls are available in the below options:

Manual Electric with Manual Hydraulic Lockup, CEC1 Automatic Electric, CEC2 Automatic Electric, CEC3 Automatic Electric - Lockup is CEC controlled through Transmission TCM/ECM.

Transmissions are available in direct mount, remote mount and with multiple converter ratios, PTO provisions, Flanges and sensory options. 

All re-manufactured or rebuilt Allison Transmissions from Copeland International are built using the highest quality parts. Our units undergo a rigorous dyno test following complete re-assembly to guarantee you have a fully functional transmission ready for work. Units are backed with our standard warranty.

We stock most major transmission assembly numbers for these trucks so there is no need for downtime. If we do not have a model in stock we can offer quick built turnaround times and perform fast R&R/Time and Material Repair & Return service to get you back up and going. 

Applications: Articulated Dump, Coal Hauler, Construction Equipment, Crane Carrier, Hauler, Trencher, Rear Dump Truck, Winch
Horsepower: [field_transmissions_hp_max]
RPM: [field_transmissions_rpm_max]
Gears Forward: [field_transmissions_gears_fwd]
Gears Reverse: [field_transmissions_gears_rev]
Gears Reverse Optional: 1
Gearing: Mechanical Gearing / [field_transmissions_gears_fwd] Gears Forward / [field_transmissions_gears_rev] Gears Reverse 1
Oil Quantity: [field_transmissions_oil_quantity]
Oil Type: C-4, 15W40 / C-4, 15W40
Mounting: SAE No. 1 Automatic Flywheel Housing, SAE No. 1 Automatic Flywheel Housing with Flexplate Drive, Remote Mount Flange Applications Available, Multiple Applications Available
Dry Weight [field_transmissions_dry_wt_max]
Torque Converter Ratio: TC-683, TC-682, TC-680
Control System: Automatic Electronic
Optional Engine Driven PTO: Side Mount PTO (Intermittent or Continuous), Top Mount PTO (Intermittent or Continuous), PTO Positions and Provisions Determined Upon Model
Cooler System: Remote Mounted Cooler Element
Spec Sheet PDF:
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Allison Transmission S6600M, S6610M, S6620M Model