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CRT 3531-1

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Allison CRT 3531-1, CRT3531-1, CRT3531 drop box, CRT Allison Transmission

Product Details

The CRT 3531-1 is a unique transmission offering 3 gears forward and 3 gears reverse (same ratios fwd and reverse), making this a perfect fit for Material Handing Fork Lifts and Lift Trucks like Taylor Forklift, Pettibone, Trackmobile Rail Car Movers and Other custom applications. The use of this transmission in the marine and winching applications is very popular as well, giving customers large amounts of torque multiplication out of a small package. The CRT3000 was taken out of production in the 1970's. In th late 1990's Copeland International started offering these powerful transmissions to OEMs for new equipment applications. The CRT has many configurations available for your custom application, offering different sizes and configurations of Sump Tanks and PTO options. The Torque Converter Ratios for this transmission are TC320, TC350, TC360, TC370. The valve body is a manual hydraulic 2 or 3 spool valve body with no retarder feature. Contact us today to learn more about the CRT3531 offered by Copeland International.

Applications: Hoist, Material Handling
Horsepower: [field_transmissions_hp_max]
RPM: [field_transmissions_rpm_max]
Gears Forward: [field_transmissions_gears_fwd]
Gears Reverse: [field_transmissions_gears_rev]
Gears Reverse Optional: (optional)
Gearing: Mechanical Gearing / [field_transmissions_gears_fwd] Gears Forward / [field_transmissions_gears_rev] Gears Reverse (optional)
Oil Quantity: [field_transmissions_oil_quantity]
Oil Type: C-4, 15W40 / C-4, 15W40
Mounting: SAE No. 3 Automatic Flywheel Housing with Flexplate Drive, Remote Mount Flange Applications Available, Multiple Applications Available
Dry Weight [field_transmissions_dry_wt_max]
Torque Converter Ratio: TC-370, TC-360, TC-350, TC-320
Control System: Manual Hydraulic
Optional Engine Driven PTO: Side Mount PTO (Intermittent or Continuous)
Cooler System: Remote Mounted Cooler Element, Replaceable Element Cooler
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CRT3531-1 CRT3531 CRT3000 

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Copeland Allison CRT3331-1 CRT3531-1 Transmission Drop Box Model