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CLBT 5961

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Allison CLBT 5961 Straight Thru Transmission CLBT 5961-4 CLBT5961-4

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CLBT5961 Allison Transmission is the staple point in the oilfield when it comes to Drilling Rigs, Workover Rigs, Pressure Pumping, Fracturing, Well Pumps, Well Service Pumps, Custom Applications, and Well Servicing industries With 6 speed manual hydraulic valve body or 6 speed manual electric, availability of transmission retarder feature, lockup feature (1:1, converter not being used), multiple Torque Converter ratios including TC570, TC580, TC680 (for performance), Transmission PTO pads on Top and Side. All Allison Transmissions Rebuilt, Refurbished, or Remanufactured by Copeland International are done so to the highest quality, ensuring that each unit will always have all new; seal and gasket kit, clutch plates, bearings, thrust washers, solenoids (where applicable) and sensors (where applicable). All hard parts (gears, shafts, planetary assemblies, carriers, converter section, drums, pistons, etc.) and main housings are meticulously inspected to ensure they meet factory wear limits and when replaced we use only the highest quality replacement parts. All Replacement parts meet or exceed OEM specifications (all part numbers, assembly numbers and model numbers are used for reference only). All Transmissions will have the most recent updates, High Cap or High Capacity Converter Pump in addition to drilled top disconnect for lube. Following rebuild completion each transmission is thoroughly Dyno tested with our state of the art Mustang Dyno powered by a Detroit Diesel 475 HP Series 60 Motor. With our specifically designed setup we are able to apply loads to the transmission simulating real world loads (Transmission Working Over a Well, Pumping Fluid down a hole, drilling a well, power units or power packages) to ensure proper operation when installed Our trained Dyno operators are able to test each unit for 4-6 hours (depending on transmission model) constantly monitoring pressures of main, splitter, lockup, converter and other vital information to qualify this as a Copeland Rebuilt Allison Transmission (Copeland Transmission). The process is finalized by Painting the unit to the customers desired paint color (depending on your service company we understand you wear your team colors proud!, let us make sure it's ready to match the fleet, just specify the color request to your sales person) packaged on a steel shipping skid, includes converter mounting gaskets, warranty paperwork, outfitted with a tag which supply's the pertinent unit information (serial number, assembly number, unit number, work order number) making future service simple identifying your specific assembly information. Product brochures, Service Manuals, Parts Manuals, Drawings and Additional product information is available upon request). Experience the Copeland International difference, we have Drop Box 5860 transmissions in stock on the shelf, ready to ship! Contact our experienced sales staff who can help you decide which transmission is right for your specific application. All Outright and Exchange Allison Transmissions supplied by Copeland International are done the same way every time. We never deviate from our methods and principals. Product longevity, performance and customer satisfaction are our main goals Call us at 1-800-966-9860 or 713-466-9838

Applications: Coal Hauler, Crane Carrier, Fracturing, Hauler, Oil Field, Trencher, Rotary Drilling
Horsepower: [field_transmissions_hp_max]
RPM: [field_transmissions_rpm_max]
Gears Forward: [field_transmissions_gears_fwd]
Gears Reverse: [field_transmissions_gears_rev]
Gears Reverse Optional: (optional)
Gearing: Mechanical Gearing / [field_transmissions_gears_fwd] Gears Forward / [field_transmissions_gears_rev] Gears Reverse (optional)
Oil Quantity: [field_transmissions_oil_quantity]
Oil Type: C-4, 15W40 / C-4, 15W40
Mounting: SAE No. 1 Automatic Flywheel Housing with Flexplate Drive, Remote Mount Flange Applications Available, Flange Type Mounting
Dry Weight [field_transmissions_dry_wt_max]
Torque Converter Ratio: TC-680, TC-580, TC-570
Control System: Manual Electronic, Manual Hydraulic
Optional Engine Driven PTO: Side Mount PTO (Intermittent or Continuous), Top Mount PTO (Intermittent or Continuous), PTO Positions and Provisions Determined Upon Model
Cooler System: Remote Mounted Cooler Element
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CLBT5961-4 CLBT5961-5 CLBT5961-3 CLBT5961-2 CLBT5961-11 CLBT5961 CLBT5961DB CLBT5961ST

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Allison Transmission Model CLT6061 CLBT6061 CLT5860 CLBT5860 CLT5960 CLBT5960