Copeland Allison Off Highway Transmission Sales

Copeland International is your supplier for Off Highway Allison Transmissions for Oil and Gas Well Service, Drilling, Plug and Abandonment, Stimulation, Fracking, Pump Down, Coiled Tubing, Workover.  In the material handling industry including forklifts heavy lift trucks and specialized lifting equipment in addition to heavy trucks, mining, construction, trenchers, rathole drilling rigs, mouse hole drilling rigs, conductor drilling rigs, mud pumps, pumps of all types, auger drilling, winching and specialized applications Copeland provides custom built solutions for out of date and no longer manufactured Allison Off Highway Heavy Duty Applications.  We also support and offer the same level of service and expertise on the more recent electronically controlled transmissions.  We possess the abilities to not only fully rebuild, remanufacture and Dyno Test and Certify the transmissions we supply offering a standard coverage warranty of 6 months 1000 hours because we are confident in our product.  We offer service truck, field mechanics for trouble shooting, removal and installation of transmissions on heavy equipment for all the previously mentioned industries.




CLBT Series: 

CLBT 750,CLBT 750DB,CLBT 754,CLBT 754DB,CLBT 755,CLBT 755DB,CLBT 4460, CLBT 4460DB,CLBT 4460-1,CLBT 4460-2,CLBT 4465,CLBT 4465-1,CLBT 4465-2,CLBT 5860,CLBT 5860DB,CLBT 5860-2,CLBT 5860-4,CLBT 5860-5,CLBT 5860-6,CLBT 5861,CLBT 5861DB,CLBT 5960,CLBT 5960DB,CLBT 5961,CLBT 5961 DB,CLBT 5961-4,CLBT 5961-6,CLBT 5962,CLBT 5962-4,CLBT 5962-6,CLBT 5963,CLBT 5963-4,CLBT 5963-6,CLBT 6061,CLBT 6061 DB,CLBT 6061-4,CLBT 6061-6,CLBT 6062,CLBT 6062-4,CLBT 6062-6,CLBT 6063,CLBT 6063-4,CLBT 6063-6,CLBT 9681

CLT Series:

CLT 4460,CLT 4460 DB,CLT 4460-1,CLT 4460-2,CLT 4465,CLT 4465-1,CLT 4465-2
CLT 5860,CLT 5860 DB,CLT 5860-2,CLT 5860-4,CLT 5860-5,CLT 5860-6,CLT 5861,CLT 5861 DB,CLT 5861-2,CLT 5861-4,CLT 5861-5,CLT 5861-6,CLT 5960,CLT 5960 DB,CLT 5960-4,CLT 5960-6,CLT 5961,CLT 5961 DB,CLT 5961-4,CLT 5961-6,CLT 5962,CLT 5962-4,CLT 5962-6,CLT 5963,CLT 5963-4,CLT 5963-6,CLT 6061,CLT 6061 DB,CLT 6061-4,CLT 6061-6,CLT 6062,CLT 6062-4,CLT 6062-6,CLT 6063,CLT 6063-4,CLT 6063-6,CLT 750,CLT 750 DB,CLT 754,CLT 754 DB,CLT 755,CLT 755 DB,CLT 9681

CRT Series:

CRT 3331,CRT 3331-1,CRT 3331-3,CRT 3531,CRT 3531-1,CRT 3531-3, CRT 5630,CRT 5631,CRT 5633

DP Series:

DP 8961,DP 8962,DP 8963     
H Series:

H 5610 A,H 5610 AR,H 6610 A,H 6610 AR,H 8610 A,H 8610AR
HT Series:

HT 740,HT 750 DRD, HT 750 CRD,HT 754 CRD,HT 750 DRDB
M Series:

M 5600,M 5600 A,M 5600 AR,M 5610,M 5610 A,M 5610 AR,M 6600,M 6600 A,
M 6600 AR,M 6610,M 6610 A,M 6610 AR,M 8610 A,M 9600,M 9600 A,M 9600AR,
M 9610A,M 9610AR, M 6620, M 6620H, M 5620, M 5620H  

S Series:

S 5600,S 5600 H,S 5610,S 5610 H,S 6600,S 6600 H,S 6610,S 6610 H,S 8610 M, S 6620, S 6620H, S 5620H, S 5620   
TG Series:

TG 602,TG 603,TG 604,TG 617,TG 627,TG 637,TG 647