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Houston, Harris County, Southeast and Southwest Texas If you are looking for a trustworthy company to service your Allison Transmissions or Allison Transmission fleet – you’ve come to the right place. Copeland International, Inc. is a full service Allison Transmission shop offering in house Transmission Overhaul, Rebuild, Repair & Return and Service.

Allison 3000 Series Transmissions MD 3060 3560 3066 3070 300 3500 P R T

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Product Details



Allison 3000 Transmission Line - MD3060, MD3560, MD3066, MD3070, MD3000, MD3500, MD, 3000, 3500, 3060, 3560, 3070, P, T, 3060P, 3560P, 3066P, 3070P, 3000P, 3500P -


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Copeland International offers a wide range and variety of Allison Transmissions for the 3000 model. With WTEC I II II Controls, Allison 4th Generation Controls and 5th Generation Controls options we have you covered regardless of what your running in your fleet. We can offer your organization the top quality rebuilds and overhauls you can trust at a fair price with advantages over other rebuilders - having over 150 years combined experience in Allison Transmissions and Rebuilding of Allison transmissions. Copeland International has a full service facility offering swap outs, removal and installation of transmissions and components. Take it to Copeland and Let Us Do The Rest - We are here to serve you. 
Allison fully automatic transmissions fit operating requirements
better than other transmissions because they’ve been
engineered specifically for the way you work. They utilize
Allison’s patented CPT Tech to deliver
smooth, seamless, full-power shifts, superior acceleration and
startability. And Allison Automatics use engine power more
efficiently, which equates to less fuel consumed. Allison Automatics provide smooth, effortless shifting and precise traction control. While manuals and automated manuals cause the drive wheels to hop and do damage to the drivetrain, Allison Automatics achieve just the right mount of traction for load and ground conditions — dirt, mud, sand or gravel. They can take whatever you throw at them and still deliver.
MD3060, MD3560, MD3066, MD3070, MD3000, MD3500,P,T,R, AUTOMATIC ALLISON 3000 TRANSMISSION, Parts, Overhaul, Service, rebuild.
Refuse, Concrete Mixer, Short Haul Tractor Trailer, Fire Truck Emergency Vehicel, Dock Spotter, Tow tractor, Transit Bus, Agricultural Spreader, Sprayer, Blower, Feedlot Truck, Truck-Base RV Vehicles, School Bus
Common Fluids for this transmission are TES295 Approved Allison Fluids and TES389 Allison Approved Fluids. Common Transmission Controls are the 3rd Generation Allison Controls WTECIII (II, I), 4th Generation Allison Controls with multiple options and configurations available. 


Agricultural Tractor
Articulated Dump
On-Highway Applications Vehicles & Trucks
Horsepower: -
RPM: -
Gears Forward:
Gears Reverse:
Gears Reverse Optional:
Gears Reverse Optional: 
Mechanical Gearing
Oil Quantity:
Oil Type:
Oil Type: 
Allison TES295
SAE No. 2 Automatic Flywheel Housing
Remote Mount Flange Applications Available
Dry Weight -
Torque Converter Ratio:
Torque Converter Ratio: 
Various Ratios Available with Allison TC Series
Control System:
Control System: 
Allison 4th Gen Electronic Controls with Closed Adaptive Shifts
Automatic Electronic
Allison 5th Gen Electronic Controls
Allison WTEC Controls
Other Controls
Optional Engine Driven PTO:
Optional Engine Driven PTO: 
Side Mount PTO (Intermittent or Continuous)
PTO Positions and Provisions Determined Upon Model
Cooler System:
Cooler System: 
Remote Mounted Cooler Element
Replaceable Element Cooler
Spec Sheet PDF:

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