Safely Drilling a Foundation

Drilling a foundation exposes you and your employees to a variety of different risk factors. Whether there’s a risk of buried wires or pipes, a high water table, or wildlife nearby, you’ll find yourself facing potentially dangerous circumstances fairly regularly. For the protection of everyone involved, it’s important to observe foundation drilling safety procedures.

A well-constructed workplace safety plan is crucial not just to keep your employees safe, but also to help your business. More and more clients will hire companies that make an effort to create safe work environments as well as keep costs low. To keep your construction crew safe during a foundation drilling project, add a few extra precautions onto your safety requirements and routine.

Foundation work is just as risky as other construction projects. Cultivate a safe work environment and protect yourself and your employees with these safety principles.

Hazard Analysis and Planning

Once you’ve planned the dimensions and timeframe of your drilling project, it’s time to analyze potential hazards at the worksite. Examine the terrain around your project and make notes of any large rocks, uneven surfaces, or other aspects of the surrounding area that could prove to be dangerous. Additionally, call 811 to check for buried utility lines or pipes before beginning work. Relay everything you find to your crew.

Safe Work Conditions

Aside from the immediate issue of the terrain itself, make sure all the equipment your crew brings in is also safe. Install handrails on paths or platforms, make sure everything is properly lit after dark, and clear debris to provide a clear path. Most importantly, provide a safe way to dispose of trash, particularly flammable waste. Don’t let an accident hurt your crew.

Pro Tip: Provide your construction crew with protective gear and encourage them to wear it as much as is practical. Safety gear can prevent injuries if other measures fail.

Review Safety Procedures

Finally, never assume that every safety procedure or regulation is being observed perfectly. Perform regular inspections of the construction gear and the worksite, and keep your employees up-to-date on any changes to the standard safety rules. Knowledge of and familiarity with standard safety requirements is a crucial step toward long-term protection for you and your employees.

Safely Drilling a Foundation

Workplace safety encompasses the entirety of any construction job. As you plan your next construction project and decide where to lay a foundation, take the potential risks into account and make sure you know how to protect yourself and your employees.

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