6 Perfect Applications for a Rebuilt Allison Transmission

Transmissions appear in a wide variety of vehicles and machines used in different work settings. For an Allison transmission, applications can range from heavy-duty buses or trucks to mining and construction work. These durable, versatile pieces of equipment can add significant functionality and value to your machinery.

Allison transmissions aren’t just for trucks or buses! How can these heavy-duty parts make your job easier?

Allison Transmission Applications

Many machines use different models of transmissions in different fields of work. For particularly intensive work such as construction, a heavy-duty rebuilt Allison transmission is a perfect choice. These highly durable transmissions last a long time and will increase workplace efficiency for any machine in these industries:

  1. Oil and gas
  2. Material handling
  3. Foundation drilling
  4. Mining and construction 
  5. Marine winching
  6. Highway driving

1) Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry depends on heavy-duty equipment and transmissions to keep their machines running properly. Rebuilt Allison transmissions are proven to provide the strength, dependency, and durability crucial on the oilfield. Find transmissions for all your oilfield machines, including:

  • Heavy equipment transporters
  • Earth augers
  • Haul trucks
  • Oil field service rigs

2) Material Handling

Material handling equipment serves multiple functions even at a single worksite. Consequently, Allison transmissions for material handling equipment are built to be versatile and fit perfectly with any job. Compatible machines include:

  • Shovel loaders
  • Railcar movers
  • Lift trucks
  • Straddle carriers

3) Foundation Drilling

The Allison transmission model most used for foundation drilling was unfortunately discontinued in 1978. Fortunately, reputable transmission rebuilders continue manufacturing replacement parts for this model to help your machines keep working. No matter how old your transmission is, you can be confident that the experts can keep it good as new.

Pro Tip: Rebuilt Allison transmissions are just as safe as brand new ones for virtually any application. However, it’s always a good idea to perform periodic checks to make sure they’re still running properly.

4) Mining and Construction

For a construction machine, the most important aspect of a transmission is reliability. A quality Allison transmission will ensure your equipment can withstand any terrain without wasting valuable fuel or time. Your construction site’s Terex scra[ers and haul trucks will get excellent mileage out of a rebuilt transmission.

5) Marine Winching

Strong winches need durable transmissions with multiple speeds and the ability to handle a significant amount of weight. A rebuilt Allison transmission can turn your winches into powerful machines for any job. Practical applications can include:

  • Planetary recover winches
  • Upright worm gear winches
  • Low mount worm gear winches

6) Highway Driving

Highway driving may not seem like a particularly intensive activity, but spending long hours on the road in a huge truck takes a toll on anyone. A long-distance driver would likely appreciate a quality Allison transmission for their highway haul truck or bus to make driving a smoother, safer experience. Find the right model for your heavy-duty vehicle.

Using an Allison Transmission

For most applications in the construction, mining, or similar industries, a rebuilt Allison transmission could significantly boost productivity and safety. With an excellent guarantee and a very durable system, these transmissions are designed to give your equipment the extra boost it needs.

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