3 Massive Benefits of Buying a Rebuilt Allison Transmission

When transmission problems start to affect your commercial vehicle, you may be faced with the dilemma of repairing or replacing your transmission system. While transmission repairs can help when you’re experiencing minor problems, major issues may require you to replace your transmission. Rather than purchasing a brand new transmission, you may want to explore the many benefits of rebuilt Allison transmissions.

Need a new transmission for your industrial vehicle? Current model having problems? Find out how a rebuilt Allison transmission might be the solution,

What ‘Rebuilt’ Means

To rebuild is to recondition by cleaning, inspecting, and replacing the worn or broken parts. Serviceable parts are reused if they fit within the manufacturer’s acceptable wear limits. This eliminates waste by essentially recycling the elements of your transmission that still work well, and replacing only those parts that need it.

  1. Lower Costs
  2. Less Waste
  3. Quality

1) Lower Costs

The biggest benefit of opting for a rebuilt transmission is obviously the price. It’s significantly less expensive to have your Allison transmission rebuilt than it is to buy an entirely new system. Whether you buy new or rebuild, you’re looking at some downtime, but with experienced technicians behind you, yours will be limited.

2) Less Waste

Genuine Allison transmissions are made to last, but some parts wear faster than others. By rebuilding your transmission you avoid the massive waste of replacing the entire unit when only a few elements within it are worn. Thinking of it another way, imagine that your car needs new tires. Would it make more sense to buy a new car or simply replace the tires?

Pro Tip: If you have a transmission with good bones but worn parts, rebuilding to your custom specifications could save you money and reduce waste.

2) Quality

When your rig’s transmission is experiencing problems, its performance may be severely compromised. This dip in efficiency and quality can have a big impact of your project’s progress and your bottom line. Rebuilding your Allison transmission can restore your transmission to its former glory.

What You Get With a Rebuilt Allison Transmission

During an Allison transmission rebuild, your technician will expertly repurpose quality used parts for your system. If you’re seeking a less wasteful and cost-effective repair option, a transmission rebuild may be the choice for you.

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