3 Safety Goals to Set for 2019

It’s a new year which means we’ve all been given a clean slate. 2019 gives us an opportunity to look at the year ahead as a time to reevaluate, especially when it comes to safety standards when operating material handling equipment and construction vehicles.

These safety goals will keep your material handling equipment and construction vehicle operators accident-free in 2019.

Your Safety Goals

Take advantage of the new year to implicate new safety standards, or ensure your current safety regulations are being carefully followed. Make 2019 an accident-free year. The following goals can guarantee industrial vehicle operators stay as safe as possible.

Understand & Follow Protocols

Safety protocols need to be understood in the workplace at all times. Machine operators should be tested on safety guidelines frequently to be positive that they know the components and technicalities of their equipment. Furthermore, check-lists for before, during and after operating material handling equipment and construction vehicles should be hung on or near industrial vehicles.

Safety Before Speed

Finishing quickly is a top priority for construction projects and industrial warehouses. However, safety needs to be a higher priority. While getting your project done efficiently is important, it’s even more critical to get it done correctly and safely. Accidents are more likely to happen when machine operators feel as though their speed is more important than anything else. 

Pro Tip: When operating industrial vehicles, safety comes first, and efficiency comes with practice.

Routine Maintenance

Mistakes are less likely to happen when machines are frequently and properly maintained. Transmissions and batteries should be inspected to ensure they’re operating correctly. Regular material handling operators may not realize essential fine details about their equipment that a trained technician would find in a maintenance check. On top of that, you can document routine maintenance in case of a mishap.

A Safe New Year

Make 2019 a year of safety for your industry. When your machine handling equipment and construction vehicles need updated parts, consider choosing a rebuilt Allison Transmission from Copeland.

How will you stay safe in 2019? Join the conversation to share some of your industry’s safety protocols.