Why Choose Allison Transmissions for Mining Equipment

From unpredictable terrain to difficult equipment to manage, the mining industry has many safety hazards. You need reliable technology that you can trust. With dump trucks, Terex scrapers, and other mining machines equipped with an Allison Transmission, you’re setting your work zone up for success.

Are you ready to make the switch to #AllisonTransmissions in your mining equipment?

Keep Your Construction Site Safe

In construction zones, job site risks are almost always prevalent. From equipment failures to dangerous falls, even the most seasoned workers could be at high risk without the proper tools and training. Allison fully automatic transmissions are known for durability and reliability while achieving faster work cycles. Here are some important tips for keeping your mining site safe

Undeniable Benefits

Allison transmissions are designed to withstand the rugged landscape in industrial work sites such as those in oil fields, marine wenching, and the mining industry. The innovative torque converter design allows for smooth operations in steep grades. Allison equipped vehicles are built for demanding situations and operate with ease.

Built to Last

The reliable and high performing technology results in transmissions that continue functioning at peak efficiency through mud and gravel. Keep your transmission well maintained and you’ll have reliability for decades. 

Pro Tip: If you have a legacy model that needs to be repaired or rebuilt, you can send it to our service department for our repair and return program.


The benefits of Allison Transmissions are undeniable. The ease of use, efficiency and innovative technology make Allison a top choice for mining companies around the world. Do you have questions about mining technology? Connect with our team of Allison experts today!