Why Choose Aftermarket Parts for Drill Transmissions?

Foundation drilling equipment depends on quality transmissions for strength and reliability. Naturally, a well-built Allison transmission requires periodic upkeep or replacement parts. However, since the most popular transmission models for drills were discontinued in 1978, many business owners now have to seek out aftermarket parts for their drill transmissions.

Fortunately, aftermarket transmission parts have proven to be just as reliable as parts from the original manufacturer. Copeland International has been producing aftermarket parts for foundation drills and plenty of other equipment for years. Let’s look at a few reasons to opt for aftermarket parts in your drilling equipment.

Aftermarket parts are an excellent choice for your foundation drilling equipment! Learn why here. #allisontransmissions

A Variety of Choices

Anyone trying to stick to original manufacturer parts will quickly discover that they can be hard to find. Unless you’re near a certified dealer, you aren’t guaranteed to find the correct part quickly, if at all. Finding original parts for discontinued models is nearly impossible. Fortunately, aftermarket parts are available from a variety of alternative sources in nearly identical quality. Why waste time and money searching for original parts when the aftermarket ones work just as well and are much easier to find?

Low-Cost Options

Because they hold a relative monopoly, original manufacturers can charge higher prices for their transmission parts. On the other hand, since multiple companies produce aftermarket parts, they keep their prices more competitive to encourage people to consider an alternative. Consequently, not only are aftermarket transmission parts easier to find, but they’re also cheaper and generally work just as well.


Finally, aftermarket part manufacturers provide their products with the same guarantees and exchange policies that the original manufacturers would. If the part you ordered doesn’t work correctly or needs repairs, just contact your provider and arrange for a new one or warranty work.

Pro Tip: Double-check exactly what you need before ordering any aftermarket parts for your drill transmissions. This will help to make you sure you get what you need that much faster.

Switch to Aftermarket Parts Today!

Owners of foundation drilling equipment choose aftermarket parts for a reliable supply of good-as-new parts for their drill transmissions. How can aftermarket parts benefit your construction efforts? Switch to aftermarket parts for your drill transmissions today and find out!

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