Experiencing Allison Transmission Failure? Here Are Your Options

Allison transmissions are among the most reliable heavy-duty transmissions on the market. However, not even an Allison transmission lasts forever. When you start seeing signs that your transmission is on the last leg of its life, do you know what to do?

Once you notice the signs of an Allison transmission failure, it’s time to take action before the malfunctioning transmission causes an accident. Stop using the machine and decide which option is best for your next step: repairing the transmission, exchanging it, or simply purchasing a new one.

What do you do when your Allison transmission fails? Here are your 3 options.

Send the Transmission for Repairs

Depending on why your transmission stopped working, a quick repair could get it back in working order. Put in a repair request and send off the transmission for warranty work. Before long, you’ll have a functioning Allison transmission again and your worksite will be back to normal!

Pro Tip: Don’t continue operating a machine with a faulty Allison transmission. This can lead to safety hazards for anyone who uses the vehicle.

Exchange for a Different Transmission

If you like the model of transmission you have but just want to exchange it for a newer one, take advantage of our exchange program. Send your malfunctioning one back to us and let us replace it with a brand new transmission for you. For more details on our exchange program, give us a call at 713-466-9838.

Buy a Refurbished Transmission

Finally, maybe it’s just time for a different transmission altogether. Shop our collection of rebuilt Allison transmissions for the right fit for your machinery. Don’t worry–your new purchase is covered with the same guarantees and services as your old one. Keep your machines in working order with the right transmission.

Handling an Allison Transmission Failure

Even an Allison transmission won’t last forever. You should be ready to replace your transmission quickly when you notice something wrong. Don’t keep using a malfunctioning piece of equipment and put yourself in danger. Find the option that works best for your situation and get back on track!

Connect with us for more information on handling transmission problems.